Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Growing International attention on the plight of the missing girls in Nigeria.

.The US secretary of state, John Kerry, promised on Saturday that Washington would do "everything possible" to help Nigeria deal with Boko Haram militants and bring the children home

President Jonathan said over the weekend that he had reached out to the US, Britain, France and China for help on security issues.
Britain has said it is happy to provide “practical assistance” if necessary.

According to US Embassy, Nigeria The United States is engaging in a variety of efforts with others to thwart global terrorism so countries can do a better job of combating threats that emerge within their borders and in their regions, a senior U.S. diplomat says.
These efforts are in keeping with President Obama’s policy that stresses the development of key counterterrorism partnerships across the globe, says Tina Kaidanow, the U.S. State Department’s coordinator for counterterrorism.
The State Department sent its annual Country Reports on Terrorism for 2013 to Congress April 30. The annual report is more than a statistical and incident listing, Kaidanow says; it helps nations define the nature of the global threat and helps in determining the best response.
“Terrorism is a dynamic, adaptable phenomenon that is highly dependent on local political, social and economic consequences and circumstances,” Kaidanow told journalists in a Washington briefing. “We know that terrorist movements thrive on state failure, on political upheaval and on poor governance, among other factors.”
Terrorist and violent extremist groups seize on every opportunity and often adapt quickly to exploit openings that are presented during political transitions and upheavals, she said.
In those places where central governments are either overwhelmed or lack the capacity to handle terrorist groups, Kaidanow said, partnerships with foreign governments and regional organizations can open up international assistance. “The international response in northern Mali, led by France, Chad and other African partners, is a good case in point,” she noted.
U.S. engagement with the Global Counterterrorism Forum (GCTF) is another example of the value of international engagement and cooperation, Kaidanow added. “Among the GCTF’s recently launched new initiatives is a Foreign Terrorist Fighters Project, led by the Netherlands and Morocco,” she said.
Kaidanow told journalists that, ultimately, counterterrorism efforts and the goals of the rule of law are aligned and reinforce each other, which is why the United States has rule-of-law programs at the heart of its capacity-building measures.
“We aim to help our partners use their law-enforcement agencies to identify, prosecute, adjudicate and incarcerate suspected terrorists,” Kaidanow said. “We’re also working with our partners to strengthen their ability to halt financial flows of terrorist organizations and disrupt terrorist travel.”
The United States is also working closely with other nations to reduce the number of recruits joining terrorist groups and counter the messaging these groups use to appeal to a broader audience, Kaidanow added.

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