Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Frontline Candidate Withdraws From Imo PDP Governorship Contest.

“No election held in 90 per cent of the wards"


The more I read the outpouring of emotions over the suspension of my bid for PDP gubernatorial ticket, the more worried for our people I get.

 Never in my life have I seen so much disappointment and pain about an aspirant withdrawing from a primary race. I know I have taken a lot of time to explain the circumstances, but it is now very obvious that many of the commentators do not really understand the process

. Many people seem to have the impression that we were at the stage of the general election. No. We were at the stage of getting party ticket and then proceed to the general election. Many people have told me how they have been convincing a lot of people to vote for me.

 Though I have taken time to awaken our peoples' consciousness, the votes needed at the primary stage was just about 1400 delegates the bulk of who were supposed to have emerged from the last sham called ward congresses. I have often counseled our people to get involved at that stage where they could.

 The votes of the entire electorate are needed at the general election in February 2015. In the last few days leading to the Pdp congress, my team and I had made an analyses of the disposition of the party leaders and trend of many of the aspirants towards the proposed gubernatorial primaries that will come up after the voting delegates emerge. While party leaders viewed this as mega bucks making venture, many of the aspirants on their side took it as investment as well as do or die or a matter of life and death.

 From what we saw recently, we predicted there will be no real delegate primary. We predicted that the emergence of delegates will be about list writing and rewriting and will be cash and carry.

 We predicted there will be bloodshed. Everything we predicted and much more happened. Hundreds of lists were written. Among the aspirants, brothers fought themselves physically, aspirants and leaders were in slapping competitions, riffles were exchanging gunshots, people were said to have been bloodied or even killed in some places, people from different villages were used under the watch of security forces to fraudulently displace other villagers. Most of all, the most desperate aspirants were said to have enriched IMO and non IMO party leaders who came from Abuja to the tune of hundreds of millions of Naira. Yes politics involves money and expenditure but with complete moderation.
Anyone who spends hundreds of millions and running over billions for governorship elections has only one thing in mind i:e future corrupt enrichment. Ike C. Ibe will never engage in politics of brigandry or throwing away hard earned money to hawks and sometimes wolves.

 These are the very things I have been preaching against in my ideas and issues oriented campaigns. I do not owe any apologies to anyone who suggests that I should be a rogue politician or suck up to any outlaw official or indeed abandon my moral and religious antecedents just because I want to serve our people. I do not have to be in public office to live neither do I need one to survive. 

All I have sought for and worked hard on is to convince our people that collectively, we can all be the change we want and change the process. Everyone must play a role in cleaning the Augean stable and there are many ways to help. I shouted to the mountain tops for our people to be involved.

 I toured everywhere in IMO and beyond. I have convoked scores of meetings. I visited countries and cities around the world to ginger IMO people. I wrote books. I made speeches. I took the heat and literarily took fire to get the messages of hope out and to tell our people we can do it. I endured pain and suffering. I abandoned my vulnerable daughter for months who like me is still grappling with the death of my wife and daughter (her mother and sister) as a result of a broken system.

 I have done these because I know God is speaking to the very reason of my existence and creation. I know people's heart were broken because of my announcement. My heart is also broken because while hundreds of thousands have professed my credibility and excellent development ideas, not many people have gone the extra mile to support our effort financially inspite of my many pleas.

 I have nothing to personally benefit from being a governor. I have no interest in any office allurement or accouterments. Since June 3rd 2012 I eat food not because it is sweet rather because I have to be be alive to fulfill God's destiny for me. I get depressed every time I see how our leaders are dissipating our commonwealth and abusing the people's trust and gullibility. Many of these leaders completely brainwash the people with fictitious programs and unsustainable projects while plundering their joint wealth.

 My heart is broken because many people say we cannot solve the basic problems of the people. My heart is broken when leaders say 1+1 is 5 instead of 2. My heart is broken because people are generally complacent and resigned to fate. My heart is broken because people think you have to be a thief, a thug or a fraudster to win elections.

 They want someone to take the bulls by the horn for them and fight for them and protect them from the bull yet they will not help the person find the horn let alone helping to take it out from the bull.
In contemporary IMO state electoral history, less fancied parties have won governorship elections but the people themselves took their destinies into their hands.

 They contributed resources even at very small amounts. They insisted their votes will count. They watched and defended their votes until they were counted and they counted. These happened more particularly in the 2011 elections. Whether the leaders have genuinely and sincerely lived up to the people's expectations is for the people to decide. Yes some skeptics will say they are all the same.
They will say why do I think I'm different. I will answer that I'm Ike C. Ibe. I will tell them Ora pro Nobis. I will tell them not to shout "crucify him, crucify him". I will say to them that The Lord is my Shepard there is nothing I shall want. I will not say "it is finished". God knows it as He knows me. God bless and keep us all.

Hon. Ike . C. Ibe

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