Monday, 12 January 2015

Nigeria does not need 72-yr-old grandfather as president – Peter Obi -

Mr Peter Obi immediate past Governor of Anambara State of Nigeria and Honourary adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan shares his perspective on the next Feb. 14 elections in Nigeria.

In a recent interview with the Vanguard Newspaper, Peter Obi said:

"At the age of 41, which was 31 years ago, Buhari staged a coup d’état and removed the democratically elected government of Alhaji Shehu Shagari and tried visibly to instil discipline and order in our society. 
This was both commendable as his greatest achievement. But the economic policies and actions of that government were disastrous, as Nigeria nearly turned into a pariah nation that no one wanted to deal with globally.
At the time, under the Buhari’s government, confirmed Letters of Credit were rejected, because no one wanted to deal with Nigeria. Though I disagree that he was one of the best Nigerian leaders, even if we assume that he was the best 31 years ago, that is not the reason we should clone him back today at 72. The Singaporeans are not asking Lee Kwuan Yu to come back. Malaysians are not asking Mohamad to come back.
The Americans are also not asking Bill Clinton, who came to office ten years after Buhari’s first outing and who had the best economic performance in the 21st century, to come back. Are we saying that Nigeria has not produced anyone who can do the job today?.

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