Monday, 19 January 2015

Nigerian used friend’s ID to get free NHS treatment and UK citizenship for baby

Mother: Oluwaseun Adenubi claimed to have found the passport on a bench

A pregnant Nigerian woman’s plan to use the NHS as an ‘International Health Service’ to deliver her baby and then have the child declared a British citizen was foiled when she was exposed as a fraud, a court heard
Oluwaseun Adenubi, 30, used the passport of her friend, 32-year-old Rita Ogunkunle, to obtain free care. After the delivery the friend and her boyfriend Michael Adebambo, 46, registered the baby as theirs.

However, staff at Farnborough’s Princess Royal University Hospital realised the medical records of the genuine Ogunkunle, who had received acne treatment there, conflicted with the pregnant patient claiming to be her.

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