Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Zurumnewsdigest: A New Blogging Experience

"Your identity should be constructed based on your passions and interests...we often get preoccupied with doing what we think will impress others rather than what we want for ourselves...Unplug and figure out what you want"...Papadopo

A blog is a personal web page that is created by an individual or a corporation to communicate with readers. It contains a series of chronological entries by its author, and links to related web pages.
The act of creating a blog is often referred to as "blogging".

Blogs require no knowledge of HTML. Millions of people without HTML skills of any kind can post their own web pages, and share content with friends and relatives.

Your blog is the centre of your content strategy. A blog can host pictures, text, audio, and video; which makes it really versatile,plus you own it entirely-being in control."-ExposureNinja

Blogs serve as a marketing and advertising mechanism. Blogs have become very useful as the internet is now well on its way to becoming a major distribution channel for News, movies,TV shows, and sporting events.

There are many opportunities to address a large market with unmet needs:

Increased internet usage and smartphones penetration heighten the potential value of emerging markets as content creators and distribution seek ways to "make the long-tail of consumers the fat-tail"-WEF

 "As Internet users increasingly change their habits, spured by the growth of mobile media devices, they are challenging existing business models that have worked for decades to support print and entertainment industry."Kenneth C. Landon,etal.

Internet users are now increasing the time they spend online watching TV and movies,listening to radio, reading newspapers, magazines and even books.

Young adults watch more TV on the internet, less on cable. Online newspaper readership is expanding rapidly as more people get their news online, and as smartphone and tablet apps become more widespread.

Alternative online sources such as yahoo, google and even blogs have become major sources of news for many people. Much of this "news" is redistributed content generated by newspapers.

Social network sites have now become a major source of content recommendations and content distribution partners for content.

The thousands of blogs in the blogosphere depend on traditional reporting media like TV and newspapers to create content that blog writers can react to.

 I always encourage young people to start something for themselves.

"You don’t even have to have an original idea".You can participate in online political space, but find time to do something for yourself. The most important thing is to start.

 According to Co-founder of Pay pal "But it’s people building these new technology companies that has changed the world more – rather than political debates.”

"Do not be blind followers. Be leaders. Go through the unbeaten path. Our only escape route is in the unbeaten path. Discover it. If you do not, nobody will"- Professor Muhammad Yunus .

Use your time to re-discover yourself and learn something new or start a new venture instead of finding faults....,and seeking for opportunity to critisize.

Use the internet and social media for good and explore ways you can profit from it.!

Technology is making it easier to work wherever you want. You can work from anywhere!

"E-Commerce is set to become the fastest growing form of commerce. Just as automobiles, airplanes, and electronics defined the 20th century, so will e-commerce of all kinds define business and society in the 21st century"-Kenneth .C. Laudon, etal.

Information is Power !

Uche Okeke 

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