Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Ghanaian Woman Divorce Husband by Facebook in USA.

A Ghanaian woman jilted by her husband has secured a court order to serve her husband with divorce papers via  facebook. The couple married in a civil ceremony in 2009 in the US.
 The relationship fell apart when her husband refused to have a second wedding ceremony in their native country in Ghana.

In a landmark court ruling  , Ellanora  Baidoo was told she could use facebook to tell her husband, Victor Sena Blood- Dzraku that their marriage was over.

According to Metro, Manhattan  Supreme Court Justice , Mattew Cooper said the message should be repeated once a week for three weeks, or until the husband acknowledged it.

Ms Baidoo, 26, from Brooklyn, resorted to facebook because her husband is elusive with no permanent address.

In the US, divorce paper is normally  served in person . She sent her first message to him last week, so far without a response.

Ms Baidoo's lawyer Andrew Spinnell said it's a new law, and "its necessary. He said he had ' tried everything' to find Mr Blood- Dzraku, including hiring a detective.

Source: Metro UK.

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