Monday, 27 April 2015

Nigeria's President -elect, Gen.Buhari Warns Family Members Against Corruption

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“If you are found to be corrupt, you will receive the consequence, no matter who you are. Whether you are his brother, sister, his friends there will be consequences."-  Vice-President-elect, Professor Yemi Osinbajo
The Pesident-electect, General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) has sounded a note of warning to his family members that he will not use his powers as president to protect any of them who broke the law, as he is set to assume the leadership of the country.
 According to Sunday Trust, a family member, who attended the meeting summoned by the president-elect,  at the weekend  said that the General was very firm and solemn when he spoke to his ward in his Daura country home in Katsina . 
General Buhari addressed the members of the family, comprising of his children and other extended family members who look up to him, after he won the March 28 presidential election. He called for the solemn assembly in between his various meetings with well-wishers from various parts of the country who thronged his country home in order to congratulate him.
 Buhari made it very clear to his family that he would not protect them if they violate the country’s law, harping on the anti-corruption mantra, which is one of the reasons why he received massive votes during the presidential polls.
Sunday Trust learnt further that he admonished his family members to seek meaningful means of earning a living, giving his life story as an example of how one could start life from a humble beginning and achieve great success in life.
The president -elect warned them against engaging in acts that would tarnish the image of the incoming administration, adding that family members who have no legitimate business or who are not invited to the Aso Rock would not be allowed into the Presidential Villa.
He also told them that he would not condone laziness from any member of the family. He advised them to work hard to earn a living, saying he worked very hard to become what he is today.
He reminded them that Nigeria is a great country with numerous opportunities, adding that only the lazy ones would wallow in poverty.
As a military head of state, General Buhari became popular for his fight against corruption through the instrument of War Against Indiscipline. During that regime, a lot of corrupt Nigerians were arrested and jailed.
It would be recalled that during the campaigns for the presidential election, General Buhari, who is known for his zero tolerance to corruption and wastage of public funds, also promised to scrap the Office of the First Lady, though his wife, Aisha became involved in the campaign for his election.
The president-elect, who will be sworn in on May 29, said that none of his family members would accompany him to Abuja without formal invitation. He, however, said they would have enough time with him whenever he is in Daura, adding that Aso Villa is meant for those who are ready to work, not idle family members.
Speaking in an earlier interview, the Vice-President-elect, Professor Yemi Osinbajo had said General Buhari would not spare anyone who is engaged in corruption, not even his family members.
Professor Osinbajo had said, “On the various issue of corruption, what General Buhari has said categorically is that as far as he is concerned, the day he is sworn-in as president, he would have drawn a line. Anybody who runs foul of the law, anything that is been investigated before will continue as it is.
Source: APC Fb Posts.

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