Sunday, 10 May 2015

Nigeria ranks third in the recent 2015 Global Connectivity Index (GCI)

(Huawei Facebook Photo Post)

Nigeria is now among top three emerging broadband markets .

According to the SUN newspaper, this was disclossed by Huawei during its  Cloud Congress (HCC) West Africa 2015 held in Lagos, Nigeria.
The survey covered 50 countries includ­ing Nigeria and 90 per cent of the world’s population.

The Global Connectivity Index is a platform to partner with policymakers and enterprise leaders to identify, harness, and create new digital econo­my opportunities with the aim of building a better-connected West Africa. 

 The 2015 Global Connectivity Index (GCI)  also sheds light on the growing opportunities around the world. 
According to the survey, "Nigeria has a small fixed base but huge potential in the up­take of mobile products as it is one of the world’s largest mobile subscriber markets that offers impressive oppor­tunities primarily in the mo­bile broadband space, where rapid m-Commerce uptake is driving market growth.

“Nigerians are the highest number of internet users in Africa all of which accumu­lates to an improved potential within the country.”

 President of Huawei West­ern Africa Region, Mr. Peng Song, explained that all econ­omies are digitizing, and the GCI provides a guide of who’s ahead, who’s behind, why, and who is poised to move up or back.

Source: The SUN

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