Thursday, 4 June 2015

A website helps you predict chances of living for next five years.

A website that tells people if they are likely to live the next five years has gone live.

According to The Sun newspaper, the website( uses research from the UK Biobank project which recruited about 500,000 Brits and analysed why some of them died and compared them with survivors to determine what life factors best predicted the chances of someone dying.

The results could give doctors vital clues on who to target for treatment and help people into improving lifestyles.

The quiz include information about smoking, diabetes or have been ill lately. It then calculates the risk of death and works out their 'health' age compared with their real age.

Lead Researcher, Professor Erik Ingelsson said: "If you score a lot higher than your real age then you are much higher risk"

The results, published in medical journal; The Lancet, have been used to develop an online "DIY death quiz.

Source: The SUN.

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