Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Gov. El-Rufai and Deputy take a pay cut , donate 50 percent of their salaries and allowances to improve service delivery.

"We have to return to these fundamental values. Without education I will not be standing before you today, a poor boy from a hardscrabble village who lost his father at a young age but who nevertheless got the opportunity of a decent education, which took me from a village school to Barewa College to Ahmadu Bello University and ultimately to Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the United States of America. That educational journey prepared me for this day.
I cannot emphasize this point enough, especially to all our children from however poor a home and however distant a village: I am you. I was you about 50 years ago. I was lucky to have been born in a time and at a place when our country cared a bit more than it does now for the less privileged among us."
— Nasir El-Rufai
The new Governor of Kaduna State, Governor Nasir El-Rufai and his deputy have announced plans to take a pay cut and donate 50 percent of their salaries and allowances, until the  fiscal situation improves. 
This does not come as a surprise as everyone is aware he has all it takes to transform Kaduna State.
Here is the — Excerpts from the inauguration speech of Nasir El-Rufai as the Governor of Kaduna:
In recognition of the difficult challenges we face, our deputy Governor and I have concluded that the sacrifices that change requires must begin with us. We have decided to take a pay cut and donate 50 percent of our salaries and allowances, until our fiscal situation improves. We understand that leadership by example is the most persuasive way to demand sacrifices from all of us as citizens. We pledge to avoid ostentation and foolish bigmanism, and to value transparency, modesty and accountability. We will obey the same rules that we demand of all of you. After all, the law is the difference between civilization and anarchy. We submit ourselves to the principle that all are equal before the Law.
Source:  Nasir El-Rufai Facebook Posts.

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