Monday, 1 June 2015

Have a baby by 30 or face the prospect of a childless future

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A Consultant gynacologist, Prof  Nargund, 55 has advised would-be mothers to start trying for a baby before they hit 30 or face the prospect of a childless future.

According to Metro UK, she said,' ideally if a woman is ready for a child, she she should start trying by the time she is 30. As a woman gets older, her fertility declines sharply'.

She wrote: I have witnessed all too often the shock and agony on the faces of women who realise they have left it too late to start a family.

Prof  Geeta  Nargund suggested that fertility classes should be added to the national curriculum so young women are aware of the dangers of delaying parenthood. She said we need to 'empower people to take control of their fertility' and cut out the costly and largely unnecessary burden' IVF has on the NHS.

She added that many young people were also unaware of the effects smoking, excessive drinking and drug taking had on women's fertility.

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