Tuesday, 30 June 2015

China to support African states to adopt Beijing’s model of ICT-based teacher development.

 China is targeting African teachers for ‘exchanges and dialogue’ that will familiarize them with using ICT.

 China’s education minister Liu Limin noted in a keynote address that African states would be supported to adopt Beijing’s model of ICT-based teacher development.

In China, this policy drive is on track to deliver its 10 millionth computer training in the next few months. Though questions remain about the how implementation in Africa will fare, China’s ICT sector is geared 
to deliver on the scale needed to make an impact on Africa’s classrooms.

China is scripting ICT as the star in its narrative of education improvement in Africa because of the leading role played by technology in the transformation of Chinese classrooms.

 China’s Education Plan of 2010 made school use of ICT a strategic plank in national ICT policy.

 The teachers’ online resource platform scored nearly a billion hits last year, and the connection rate of primary schools rose from just a quarter, to three quarters, between 2011 and 2014.

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