Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Saving Grace promo by Emmanuel Olabode

Another UK Nollywood Blockbuster Movie 'SAVING GRACE' On The Roll......

On Friday the 19th of June at the Odeon Greenwich Cinema a red carpet event which starts from 8.30pm.

Saving Grace staring the young acting sensation ELIZA OKUSANYA AS ELIZA, UK Nollywood favorite PRINCESS ABIYE as GRACE and UK Nollywood's most popular Actor DANNY ERSKINE AS DJ OKAY .
A story about a Radio presenter, a young widowed mother who has an undying love for Christ.
Her radio messages that she hoped would lead to the salvation of many became more passionate, so passionate that she does not notice she was losing instead of gaining followers because of the content of the messages.

Most times, you “CANNOT” convince another until you have proof of whatever it is you are talking about. She didn’t see herself as a proof of God’s love, being a struggling single mother and a widow, but what she knew she wanted or needed was to win souls for Christ.

 Then a man comes along, and with engaging conversations, she was “lightened”. Saving Grace is a story that applies to Everyman. It’s a film that’ll change certain perceptions, belief and hopefully actions. It’s a story anyone can relate to

You can also get your tickets by calling 07440172735 or 07914164006.

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