Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The US and other countries to help Nigeria recover money stolen from the government

Secretary Kerry shakes hands with  President Buhari. Photo: US Embassy Nigeria Facebook Photo

President Buhari has said the US and other Countries will help his government recover money stolen from the government by past leaders and other government officials.

According to BBC, President Buhari said on Tuesday that the country's treasury was "virtually empty".

The president won elections in March on a promise to tackle corruption, seen as one of the country's biggest problems.

President Buhari told a meeting of State Governors that the era of impunity and lack of accountability is over . 

He said Nigeria would get the "facts and the figures to help us recover our stolen funds in foreign countries,'' over the next three months.

In an earlier briefing with journalists, he said it was a "disgrace" that some government workers had not been paid for months.

There is conflicting reports about the country's current debt profile with former finance minister, Prof. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala accusing the new administration of inflating the debt figures.

President Buhari has vowed to recover billions of dollars "stolen" under previous administrations.

Source: BBC

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