Thursday, 23 July 2015

A Nigerian becomes top seller on eBay, makes £15m pounds a year

A Nigerian electronics seller, Chinedu Ken Emechebe has topped eBay's first 'rich list'.
According to Metro, the 37-year old from London was among fishing shops and fancy-dress sellers in the top 30.

Chinedu said the ease of selling on eBay makes it great for small businesses.
According to 'The Times' Mr. Emechebe who sells mobile phone accessories under the name universalgadgets01, turned a part-time business into the first UK seller to reach one million items of feedback.

Chinedu who now employs 45 people started the business as a part-time business from home said "we outgrew the house and moved into our first warehouse about a year and half after starting the business.
 At the moment we are in our fourth warehouse and have grown since then.
He concluded "we are No.1 because we have been doing this for a while and we understand the market.

Source: The Times

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