Sunday, 19 July 2015

Disruptive Innovation, Gafanomics and New Economy

GAFAnomics: New Economy, New Rules ( Photo: Slideshare)
Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon (GAFA Companies)
“After almost two decades of GAFAnomics, we can see how GAFAnomics changed business models, and laid the ground that is letting us now evolve to another type of economy. GAFA companies helped to democratise access to knowledge and visibility, which might as well explain the exponential rise in entrepreneurship and self-employment: It has never been so easy to set up an innovative business as now.”
GAFA companies, particularly google and facebook, enabled the rise of  the peer to peer networks which are the fundamental pillars of the sharing economy or the collaborative commons, as Jeremy Rifkin names.
Ideally, these companies want to create for the benefit of anyone, rather than to actively destroy what is already in place. They considered everyone a customer, even the ones who will not pay for anything.
These disruptive companies, came up with creative and inclusive ways, that transformed the world of business, developing new models that better suit many people.
Such companies generated and continue to generate completely new markets with massive user bases and are creating tremendous value. They orchestrate “peer to peer production networks” relying on a relatively small staff only, and they innovate.
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