Thursday, 13 August 2015

A Zimbabwean Mechanic Stabs Wife to death in London

 Mother - of -two; Emily Munemo, 42 worked as a nurse at Watford General Hospital.
 Photo: Facebook
Gibson Mazikana ,41 blamed his wife for his conviction for assault. Photo: Facebook

Shonhiwa "Gibson" Mazikana who works as a motor mechanic has allegedly stabbed his wife to death at home two weeks after he was cleared of beating her up.

According to Evening Standard, the couple were both born in Zimbabwe and Ms. Munemo came to the UK in 1999. Gibson followed her a few years later. In November 2013 police were called to the matrimonial home in Uxbridge and Ms. Munemo alledged that Gibson had assaulted her.

 During his arrest Gibson attacked a police officer, however, he was acquitted of assaulting his wife but was convicted of assaulting a police officer.

 Prosecutor Anthony Orchard said: "He blamed his wife for his conviction. There was no doubt he was very wound up about his domestic much so that approximately two weeks before the murder he discussed killing the woman with a friend"

The court was told he had asked a friend if he knew anyone who could "do the job for me".

Gibson denies murder and the trial continues.

Source: Evening Standard.

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