Monday, 19 October 2015

Imo State Government signs joint venture agreement with PZ Cussons and Wilmar to boost palm production

Photo: IK Ogbonna

Imo State Government and PZ Cussons and Wilmar has signed a joint venture aggrement to boost palm production in the state.

PZ Cussons and Wilmar as a joint business venture intend to maximise the use of palm trees in the state while ensuring job opportunities and skill acquisition on the best ways of palm tree practices and production in the state.
According to the state government, A lot of persons are engaged in the palm business but have no idea how to best engage in palm production and most importantly, to achieve and enhance profit and that is why the governor of Imo State has agreed with PZ Cussons and Wilmar's presentation to see that this is achieved while giving the joint businesses the go ahead for a survey of the existing palm production business in the state and a report on how to ensure that their objectives are met in line with the betterment of Imo state and its citizens.

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