Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Nigerians among winners of the black British business awards 2015

 Nigerians were among winners of the black British business awards 2015.
They include Dr Clare Eluka founder of Premium Skincare, the first luxury vegan approved beauty line launched in 2011, and Nneka Orji , Chief of Staff to the Chairman of Deloitte and mentor to four colleges. She also holds mentoring positions within the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and at the Social Mobility Foundation.
 According to Evening Standard newspaper, the UK Prime Minister David Cameron said the awards were a celebration of the contribution black entrepreneurs make to the UK economy.
 "By highlighting their stories, we are able to reveal the vital role these individuals play as a great role models with more and more new black entrepreneurs coming to fore. We have built something extraordinary in Britain, a society where people can come with nothing and in one or two generations can rise as high as their talent allows. Our diversity makes us stronger and my one-nation government will go on working hard to end discrimination and finish the fight for real equality in our country today"
The awards were set up last year to honour "trail blazers and rising stars" in business and recognises achievements in financial services, retail, media, arts, science and technology.

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