Sunday, 1 November 2015

Pope's liberal values leads to a return to the flock

The supposed liberal values of Pope Francis have been debated extensively since he became the catholic Pope.
 According to Chimamanda, Ngozi Adichie, the orange Prize-winning writer of Americanah, the pope's arrival provides quite the epiphany.

"As a child, i loved Mass, its swirl of music and was full of perfumed people: gold pendants at women's throats, their headscarves flared out like the wings of giant butterflies"

As time went on she became disillusioned by " money collection, the swaggering power of the priests, the heaving gap between doctrine and the lived lives of people", but Pope Francis made her miss the old days.

"Because of him i recently went to Mass, having not been for years" She says "I don't necessarily expect Pope Francis to make significant quick changes to Church doctrine. Still I cannot help but hope"

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