Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Social Services lied in an attempted cover-up to take two children away from their parents, says Judge.

A UK Judge has said that Social services deciding the future of five children lied in an attempted cover-up.
 According to SUN newspaper, the Judge said there was a "deliberate and calculated" alteration of a social worker's report in children's assessment.

 He said the original assessment of the children's parents contained "positives and negatives", but it was altered to create a "wholly negative" picture by another social worker and a team manager working for Hampshire County Council.

 The alterations improved the case for not leaving the kids with their parents. Social worker, Sarah Walker Smart, "lied twice to me on oath" said Judge Horton, who was told the social worker had been promoted.
 Her ex-manager Kim goode "initiated the wholesale alteration".
 The case has been going on for two years aand the kids, aged from three to sixteen are with foster parents.
Their parents want them back, the family court heard, but Judge Horton concluded that they should stay in care and criticised the handling of the case.

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