Monday, 25 January 2016

Controversy as President Buhari begins Corruption War

Olisa Metuh opposition PDP spokesman arrives Kuje prison to the Federal High Court Abuja in handcuffs. Photo: Facebook.

Corruption was one of the main campaign promises of  President Muhammad Buhari  that gave him the people's mandate. He has always maintained that corruption is Nigeria's biggest problem and vowed to declare corruption war in Nigeria.

Rtd. Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh is accused of stealing $20million dollars from Nigeria Airforce.
Anti- corruption Agency, (EFCC) says more than $1million dollars was found in his house.
He denies ten count charges of fraud, criminal breach of trust and money laundering.
Photo: NTA

Nigerians were looking for a strong leadership that would tackle corruption and help bridge the wide inequality gap.

 Information Minister  Lai Mohammed said, Corruption was responsible for the endemic poverty in the country today, declaring that the anti-corruption war must be won for the nation to achieve sustainable growth and development, given the support of the international community, and called for the support of all Nigerians to win the corruption war.

"Our approach which is to count the cost of corruption is not to vilify anyone but to use facts and figures to give Nigerians a sense of what corruption has done to their lives"
Sambo Dasuki, Nigeria's ex- Army Chief. Photo: Facebook.

However , there have been mixed reactions from Nigerians as the anti- corrption war eventually starts.

 Some of the opponents of the government  have critisized the strategy accussing President Buhari of being selective, targeting only opposition party members, individuals and corporations . Others said is a power stategy to remain longer in office.

  According to examinar,"Buhari’s latest experiment with dire issues of national policies synchronizes his monocratic ideology - a structure of autocratic supremacy where the dictatorship is camouflaged under a democratic setting.

Others said his strategy including a clampdown on minority groups is  long standing tradition of the northern military leaders.

 "Under his new command, Buhari has systematically relegated Nigeria under four regions as it was in 1963-1967, namely; Eastern, Mid-Western, Western, and the Northern Region"

President Buhari has also been accused by the opposition PDP to be re-drawing the political map to lock PDP out of power for decades by embarking on a corruption war aimed at destabilising the opposition thus draining the party of cash, rendering it virtually unable to function as a political force.

"The real top priority is to sustain the continuation of APC's monopoly of power indefinitely for which the party needs to contain or reduce uncertainty and strenghten its capacity to control."

 This is high at the top of APC's agenda.

Our democracy should not be undermined to advance narrow personal and party interests, this is a far-reaching attack on a democratic system that was so hard fought.

 The ability of the opposition to function in a democrcy must not be undermined as recognised by the judiciary during the recent election appeals in some of the states in Nigeria,the source concluded.

Information Minister admitted that there is urgent need for sensitization to help clear the dust about the controversy.

"The situation is very grim indeed, as far as corruption is concerned.That is why the Federal Government is embarking on this sensitization campaign"

Compiled by Uche Okeke.

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