Tuesday, 22 March 2016

A black Space Scientist mistaken for a cleaner

Maggie Aderin-Pocock who is a research associate in UCL department of physics and astronomy has told how she was mistaken for a 'cleaner' because she's black.

According to Daily Star, the multiple award winner scientific consultant who holds a degree in Physics and PhD in Mechanical Engineering said "at the offices of a contractor who was working for me. I went up to the reception desk, "someone gave me a key and said, "ok you need to start cleaning the offices at the back and then work your way to the front"

 Maggie said it was the worst thing anyone had ever said to her. "There is nothing wrong with being a cleaner, but it's the automatic assumption- you see a black woman, she's a cleaner."..I had a suit and was carrying a briefcase, yet she was mistaken for a cleaner.

Dr Maggie,was appointed MBE for her services to science and education in 2009. She has co-presented astronomy TV programme , The sky at Night and used to work at the ministry of defence as a missle warning expert.

Similarly black labour MP has revealed how a fellow MP mistook her for a cleaner.

According to Hadley Freeman, it's still harder for black people to win respect. Black people need to earn the respect that is taken for granted.

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