Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Rivers State Assembly Election and Threat to Democracy in Nigeria

"The Commission will be paying a condolence visit to the NYSC this afternoon over the unfortunate death of a member of the NYSC engaged as an election official in the Rivers re run election."- INEC
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The last few days have shown that political tyranny and social injustice still reigns supreme in Nigeria.
The civil war in Rivers state has obscured the central question of 'CHANGE' that we were promised.
The question now is: Are we more likely to secure social justice and progressive change in this dispensation? the answer is resoundingly NO. 

The loss of lives and destruction of property is not what election and good governance is all about.
None of this violence would be possible if it wasn't with the support of the center.

The failure INEC of to conduct a very simple local Assembly elections acclaimed 'free and fair' during President Goodluck Jonathan's tenure means their credibility is further shot to pieces .

The only way this election farce will come to an end is for the president to put Ex-Governor Amaechi out of his misery and ask him to leave legitimately elected Governor of Rivers state to concentrate on the governance of the state to enable the people enjoy the dividends of democracy.

Hon. Amaechi should appologise to the people of Rivers state.

According to late Nelson Mandela, leaders will have to give clear and decisive leadership towards a world of tolerance and respect for difference, and an uncompromising comittment to peaceful solutions to conflicts and dispute".

Uche Okeke
The LEAD Project .
Election and Budget Information.

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