Monday, 28 March 2016

Shoprite and the pride of Imo

"Community upliftment remains a priority to shoprite", Photo: Facebook(Okey Iwuoha)

Recently Shoprite, a consumer goods retail company opened in Owerri, the capital of Imo State, Nigeria and sparked off controversy on facebook.

 There were loads of pictures and comments on the social media platform .
What got my attention was just the young people. The pictures were just images to express emotions.

I think someone have to have a voice for these vulnerable young people. They want to see more of these new companies, they want jobs, they want new skills, they want the local government areas to work to create local jobs , empower them to service businesses like Shoprite  etc.

When i saw those pictures, i remembered Martin Fletcher's reports on a stunning conservation story.

 Imo is likened to the 'village of Gujirat', a place where the big cat and local people completely understand each other.

They celebrate the lions. The lions are like gods. The villagers do not appear to mind that the lions kill hundreds of cows each year- It's their rights. This is the lions land.

They are intensely proud of them. They regard the lions as a divine blessing. You need the lions to get a job, ,etc.

Unlike other parts of africa where too many villagers still see lions, elephants, rhinos and others as competitors for scarce resources, here people revere and protect the lions in their midst..., there is no reason why the lions' territory should not continue to expand.

Not until we learn to do the right, learn not to sell our votes, shop for the right people to represent us in various capacities, demand citizen engagement and social accountability, the lions territory will continue to expand.

According to Watson: "I'm looking after my-self, my family, relatives and business associates, and everything is my choice"

Uche Okeke
The LEAD Project Foundation
[Leadership, Empowerment, Advocacy and Development]

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