Monday, 28 March 2016

'Uber' launches its services in Abuja, Nigeria's capital city

"An app that connects riders to drivers. It's cheap and safe , Uber drivers are security vetted, no bargaining, everything is tracked". Photo: Facebook

As the digital revolution is reaching the world's remote places, bringing prosperity to the world's poor, Uber, the San Francisco-based taxi app has officially launched it's services in Nigeria's capital city, Abuja after a successful pilot scheme in the commercial city, Lagos.

The app matches customers with drivers headed in the same direction.
 Users simply download Uber's app to their mobile which they use to book cabs wherever they may be.

This is a welcome development, given the job,and security challenges in Nigeria.
 It's also a boost to mobile money technology , insurance, increased tax to government and freedom to self-employed drivers who will be  liberated from the oppressive regimes of traditional taxi associations.

 According to BBC , Uber has come under a lot of pressure from around the globe because of challenges to traditional taxi bodies.

 Because 'Uber' is just a software firm, they are able to charge more competitive prices and are able to pay drivers better commission rates.
"A lack of overhead allows Uber to offer drivers 80% of the customers fare."

The process is completely automated by uber's software removing human cost unlike traditional cab firms with human operators available to take bookings on the phone at their offices.

"Uber is part of a growing concensus that there is another way of doing things"(Richard Godwin)

Uche Okeke.

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