Tuesday, 22 March 2016

We are only at the begining of the Internet Journey says Wikipedia Founder

I'd launched a project called Nupedia, which was very top down, very academic, and failed. It was too difficult for volunteers to contribute to. It was relaunched as Wikipedia using the wiki software. allowing everyone to edit"... it has just grown and grown and grown. We are in 288 languages, in every country in the world. Typically, we are in the top five websites people look at. Monthly, over 400million people look at Wikipedia- Jimmy wales; Founder, Wikipedia. Photo: Facebook

In a business interview with Chris Blackhurst, Jimmy Wales talked about the potentials of the internet, Social media and online's capacity for reaching the poorest lives on the planet.

"Social Media is turning traditional business models on their heads.... In the developing world in five years, one billion people possibly two billion, are going to have small and inexpensive phones". They are going to demand access to information they could never see before. That will have all sorts of ramifications"

Click on this link to read the full interview: http://bit.ly/1S3ZiJV

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