Wednesday, 27 April 2016

BT to offer families internet-only deal

UK telecommunication giant; BT is testing a broadband-only service for internet voice calls and messages .

According to Sun newspaper, families will be able to buy broadband services without paying for a landline under a scheme to be rolled out by BT Openreach this year.

According to a survey , one in five householders do not make fixed line calls. BT said "services such as Skype and FaceTime have become popular over the last decade".

FaceTime and Skype allow users to make voice calls over the internet 'free', Once you have internet.

 FaceTime allows you to call friends or families in other countries on your mobile without incurring a bill(if you have enough data). All you need is a steady internet connection.

 The only cost with FaceTime is the cost of your WiFi connection. So if your internet service provider only charges you a monthly service fee; FaceTime calls are essentially 'Free'

Internet only deals may cut communication package prices for those who no longer need to make traditional voice calls.

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