Thursday, 28 April 2016

Eating too much red meat can increase the body's biological age

Eating too much red meat and not enough fruit and vegetables could increase the body's biological age and contribute to health problems.

According to The Guardian, researchers found that a moderate increase in levels of serum phosphate in the body caused by red meat consumption, combined with a poor overall diet, increases biological age in contrast to the chronological or actual age
The project, led by a team at the University of Glasgow, analysed people from most deprived to the least deprived areas covered by NHS Greater Glasgow.

 The results suggested accelerated biological ageing and diet-related phosphate levels among the most deprived males were directly related to their frequency of red meat consumption.

 This was linked to reduced kidney function and chronic kidney disease. High phosphate levels have previously been linked to higher mortality risk, premature vascular ageing and kidney disease.

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