Saturday, 23 April 2016

Mayor of London berated for racist attack on President Obama

The outgoing Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has provoked widespread condemnation after calling President Obama "Part-Kenyan "President Obama over his support for Britain to remain in the European Union.

The Mayor of London who is leading the campaign for Britain to leave the European Union said it was "down right hypocritical" for President Obama to intervene in the UK domestic politics. He accused President Obama of having a grudge against the UK because of his ancestral dislike of the British empire.

According to ipaper, he recounted an incident in which a bust of Winston Churchill vanished from the white house when Obama became president, a claim which President Obama refuted .

President Obama said he loved Winston Churchill and sees the bust everyday because it was in his private apartments in the white house.

The UKip leader , Nigel Farage said he thinks President Obama has a bit of grudge against the UK because of his grandfather, Kenya and colonisation.

Leading the condemnation, Churchill's grandson, Sir Nicholas soames MP denounced the Mayor's comment as "appalling" and totally wrong on almost everything". John Mcdonnell, the shadow chancellor said on twitter: "The mask slips again. Boris part-Kenyan Obama comment is yet another example of dog-whistle racism from senior member of the tories government. He should withdraw it".

Meanwhile the government spokesman has distanced the government from the comment and hit out at Boris Johnson, accusing him of recyling "false claims" about the removal of Churchill's burst from the white house.

President Obama has reitrated his call for the UK to remain in the European union and warned bluntly that the UK would" go to the back of the queue" for a trade agreement with the US if Britain decides to leave the European union and insisted that nations with the most power in the 21st century would be those acting together. He argued that he has a right to comment about the UK because Britain and America has a special relationship which was forged during the second world war as both countries "spilled blood together on the battlefield"

The UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, praised President Obama as "someone who gives sage advice. He's a man with a very good heart and has been a very good frien-always will be a good friend i know to the United Kingdom".

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