Monday, 2 May 2016

One year in office; President Buhari seen as less capable.

President Buhari and Former President Goodluck Joinathan during Nigeria's Centenary .
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President Buhari's leadership ratings have declined exactly one year as democratically elected President of Nigeria.

 His approval ratings has plumetted amid soaring inflation, unemployment, fuel price, non-payment of salaries, lack of electricity and essential ammenities, widespread food shortage, security challenges etc.

 His human rights record is as expected; 'chaos with peace',

 His political appointments is surrounded by disconnected thoughts.

 His handling of ethnic minority issues including the Shia muslims, Biafra etc demonstrates lack of understanding of unity over division.

 Amnesty International reported that more than 300 Shia muslims were buried in mass grave and called for full forensic investigations.

The recent Fulani herdsmen confrontation seem to have confirmed the fears of many as clear misplacement of leadership chosing randomness for purpose in confronting terrorism.

His relationship with the national assembly and other sensitive national issues demonstrate clear lack of understanding about democratic governance.

 The failure of INEC to conduct simple re-run elections destroys their credibility and casts doubt about 2019. INEC is in chaos littered with inconclusive re-run- elections and the worst election vilolence in history.

The banks have all declared losses, naira chokes and foreign investors pulling their money out of Nigeria.

Trade Union Congress has accussed the government of provoking Nigerians to revolt against the administration and vowed to punish the government come 2019 elections as the Governors cann't pay workers salaries., no citizen engagement..and the local government areas non-existent thereby causing more harsdhip at the local level.

The International community has accused the government of not doing enough to tackle Boko-Harram security challenges ; one of the main reasons President Buhari was elected.

 According to Telegraph; "there is no doubt the growing strenght of Boko-Haram because President Buhari is far more interested in settling scores with his political opponents than concentrating his energy on defeating terrorism. .. The result is that Nigeria is starting to look more and more like a police state while Boko-Haram just goes from strenght to strenght"

The corruption war is marred in controversy as the international community and opposition accuse the president of being selective in his corruption war and his government not committing to key demands.

Most think-thank organisations don't seem to understand the socio-economic and political plans of the administration and the opposition PDP regrouping  to form government come 2019 as evident in a recent political rally in Jigawa State.

President Buhari has done well in oil sector reforms, single bank accounts for government departments, public display of wealth by government officials, medical tourism but more needs to be done to embrace diversification and effective intervention in States and LGA's  as fewer people now see him as a capable leader with sound judgement  and out of touch.

Though President Buhari has cited global economic uncertainty and dwindling oil revenue as reasons for poor performance, how he responds to the task of improving lives, promoting unity and democracy, social justice and accountability will determine his political future come 2019.

This is a new era where the control of information is no longer possible. We now live in an age of instant communication and millions of outlets for people to access government performance and revolt with their votes against unpopular governments during the next elections.

Uche Okeke .
The LEAD Project Foundation.

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