Tuesday, 21 June 2016

A New Nigeria is possible: Come in and get challenged.:

The president has just returned to Nigeria after a brief holiday in the UK.
His absence was greeted with mixed reactions. Some said it was an opportunity to ease the tension in the land given the Vice President the chance to preside over the changes in economic policy of the government.
Some were even addressing him as the acting president- a great sign of endorsement to taking control in turning around the country's fortunes, a position he's most qualified for.
The Central Bank of Nigeria has allowed the naira to float freely-a welcome news to investors, but the country's problem is not over.
I've just read a report of the EFCC freezing account of a Governor..
' I've also noted reactions about eminent lawyers representing the president on the issue of his school certificate. We also have evidence of some legislatures with forged certificates ...
There is this talk about the senators demanding life pension and immunity,
The corruption war still faces controversies as prominent members of the APC who were ex-members of PDP sit on the executive untouched despite abundance evidence of collaboration. This will definitely create unrest
A new group of millitants in the Niger-delta,BOKO HARAM, BIAFRA, the promise to bail out some states with conditions, and a host of other obstacles ....
I'm carefully analysing the big issues to see if the present political system is capable of sorting out the mess the country is in.
We all have a responsibility to question the staus-quo, as the elites who are the main beneficiaries of the present system are incapable of sorting out the mess.
We need reforms to create independent democratic institutions that will tackle the potholes and empower qualified people to break the barriers to aspiring for political office.
We cannot continue to gamble with the future prosperity and changes that drive the 21st century.
We need to do more to educate the citizenry to refine their views to become part of the big issues instead of unnnecessary issues that will not address key issues of reforms.
Why is school certificate relevant in today's public positions?. Why is it that qualified people are not participating, ? Why would eminent lawyers act otherwise?, Why must states and LGA dependent on the center?, etc.
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