Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Reality on our Face: Do something in advance of the next elections

It amuses me when people complain about our archaic/broken democracy whose prime motive is resource control.

 It's worst when some people are paid to write nonsense on social media in defence of this silly system and the beneficiaries.

 It's more than a year of promise of new politics, better policies, but what we are witnessing is the same crude and disreputable politics of the old.

I have just shared a post about what i described as Authoritarian-democracy after reading  today's report on vangauard newspapers where the leadership of the Senate was to be uprooted by force,

Events like this damages public faith in our democracy. The only way we can redeem our democracy and restore public faith in the system is to reform the current constitution imposed on the country by the outgoing military and shop for new leaders who can deliver in our rapidly changing world.

Iceland has just elected a history professor who has never held political office as their new president in 20-years.

.According to reports their decision shows their distrust of politicians and business leaders who have wrecked the country in the past.

 He defeated a former Prime Minister and a Governnor of the country's central bank.

Mr. Johannesson, 47, is a university lecturer who has never been a member of a political party in Iceland.

We really need new leaders who will not struggle to adapt to the challenges of the new world.
This is a new era where new leadership is needed to drive the fast changing socio-economic and political enviroments.

What we're witnessing now is not the future we want: Authoritarian -democracy, States inability to pay wages, pay pensions, create jobs, generate internal revenues and deliver good public services, etc.

 Again reforms will help address this situation by ushering in independent democratic institutions and guaranteeing devolution and autonomy.

 This has to be done before the next elections rather than complain after elections, especially now we have seen the system is taking a different route.

 We need to educate people especially young people to reject the status-quo, reject blood money in politics come together, organise, find new leaders who are well equipped to handle the challenges of the 21st century..

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