Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Nigeria has to find new ways of dealing with 21st-century dilemmas

We have just marked democracy day. Going by the mood of the country, this is the most uncelebrated event in our democratic journey . The resources available now meagre, the sense of national interest now blurred, obstructionseverywhere, gradual erosion of concensus building, less enthusiasm in our union, fear over hope and many more policy challenges.

 According to 'The Guardian UK', International Crisis Group's Senior Analyst for Nigeria, Nnamdi Obasi has warned that Buhari's tough approach is having a negative effect on governance. "Peaceful manifestations of unrest had been met with harsh measures, including arbitrary arrests..., deploying more military and threatening unmitigated crackdown portends an escalation of violence"

Similarly, Simon Tisdall mentioned that Analysts have warned that "Buhari's harsh approach to unrest of any kind may be causing more problems than it solves in Nigeria as a whole... "

The country's leadership more than ever really need to pursue a wider strategy to address the challenges of governance, security, socio-economic development, peace and unity and the Northern- Nigeria has to be in the lead as the leadership of the country will remain in the North for the next eleven years..The North has many great scholars and leaders who can bridge the divide and foster unity in the country.

 Former President Shehu Shagari, did it, Ex-Vice President Atiku Abubakar always come top despite the reputational risks his critics tend to sell to the electorates. Whenever our democracy is under threat he remains a unifying figure as demonstrated during the era of state Governors,legislatures vs Obasanjo., including salvaging 'Ngige' and the Political liberty he enjoys today. He is a great democrat, who believes in the rule of law and democracy.

Sincerely, we need to build unity not division as our strenght lies in unity. This is a new era where even technology has more influence than the state, so leadership needs to adapt fast to embrace diversity, concensus building not isolationism, make special relationships that will enable us stay competitive instead of unnecessary controversies that will not do the country any good. Even the United States of America is building new relations  with old enemies.

Uche Okeke

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