Thursday, 16 June 2016

Political debates do not lead to jobs:

I encourage young people to learn to make good use of facebook instead of wasting their waking time on political debates especially in developing countries where government is detached from people.

"Unless of course you’re in the ad business like Google and Facebook. They’re the only ones who make money off all that content."_Entrepreneur

Young people should also seek to profit from facebook by promoting products or services including setting up shops on facebook, see: and creating facebook page where you showcase your business. 

You can create a mobile app with your facebook page enabling people to download and possible monetization.
Facebook helps you to get new information including loads of online educational programs where you can learn new skills.

Facebook also helps you to get your products/services reach billions .I created this app to empower young people with information and i use facebook to promote it:

Those of you that post those beautiful photos can become Instapreneurs and earn advert revenue:

It's been proved that participation in online space only doesn't guarantee action by the government, rather combination of both online and offline activities  can make a difference.

If you think your local government chairman does not deliver, you can also carry out peaceful street protests , fight for it in a civil manner.

"Citizens must engage in a variety of activities beyound communication and information sharing in order to build a counterweight to entenched power inequalities. These may include: joining civic associations, civic education, deliberation and dialogue,negotiating, lobbying, mobilizing and civil disobedience."_NDI

Uche Okeke

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