Wednesday, 15 June 2016

States for sale : Come and buy my state

I have just read the Africa Research Institute's report : State(s) of crisis; which suggests practical reforms that could transform state governments from elected autocracies to agents of social and economic development. According to the report:

"Many elected governors have no programme or blueprint at the start of their tenure and instead of working out a few priorities that the state can afford, they set up expensive projects which they pass on to the [Federal Government] to fund, or abandon them when the funding runs out."

 I now remembered a story of an Italian Mayor who advertised his town for sale on facebook seeking for Chinese investors to take over his town. According to the story, the Mayor said he would be happy to offer his services as Mayor to any new owners as the town will be more profitable than a football club.

 Similarly, London Evening Standard reported that  a UK Investment expert, mentioned that "Chinese investors are looking to stash their cash overseas to guard against the falling value of the renminbi"..., it's not just football clubs they're buying- it's all sorts of things"

I felt this could be one of the solutions to the crisis in some of our states , instead of relying on the centre to be rewarded for mis-management . 
 Perhaps some state governors may look into this idea to see if it works: Advertise for rich chinese investors to come and take over the state or give a helping hand to improve lives, help fund education, research, healthcare, broadband, electricity, housing, agriculture, etc.
Sincerely the key issue of our political debate should be reform of the constitution instead of trading blames on PDP and APC. Reforms to ensure socially responsible, compassionate modern democracy that is fair, inclusive, equitable and appealing to the people. This is the only way to repair our broken democracy.
All these talk about religion, herdsmen, etc are what Boris Johnson , ex-Mayor of London described as microcosmographia of politics.
Imagine senators enjoy a total remuneration of $1.5million a year including unaccounted constituency funds whereas the minimum wage is N18,000.00 naira per month..This is a great injustice.
Government is detached from it's people at every level..

"They can hardly be so aggrieved as Nigeria’s 36 state governors. Most of them have little in the way of either local industry or foreign investment, meaning that they are incapable of providing for themselves. They borrowed heavily when oil prices were high, and also rely on monthly allocations from the federal government to keep afloat. But two years of low oil revenues have eaten nastily into those disbursements (see chart), leaving them unable to service their debts or pay their inflated workforces."- The Economist
I wonder why people would be on social media doing PR for the same people holding the country hostage. There is no wisdom in it.

Prof. Okonjo Iweala has this to say : “I suffered a lot of attacks from them(Governors) and now that the country would really need this account, these same people accuse me of not having saved! If Nigeria had been more careful, we would not be here today. It hurts me. We have the mechanism, we had the experience, but we were prevented to act.”

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