Wednesday, 22 June 2016

We will not touch anyone that did not touch public funds; President Buhari

"I have never in my life believed in corruption. If we make any mistake in what we are doing and compromise our integrity, the country will be further dragged back. We will not touch anybody that did not touch public funds. If you behave yourself you will sleep soundly,your children and families will enjoy respect.But if you have shortchanged the treasury, you will be caught and you'll have your day in court. I'm asking you to re-dedicate yourself to your country. As I said thirty years ago we have no other country than Nigeria. We are determined to rehabilitate the country for coming generations. The process of change is not easy but with your dedication we can deal successfully with the issues that currently confront us"- President Buhari, addressing Nigerian workers in Abuja . Photo: Facebook.

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