Saturday, 30 July 2016

A sensible opposition is essential for democracy to flourish

Hurray! , Nigeria's Independent Electoral Commission (INEC), has finally declared a winner for Imo North Senatorial re-run elections,after declaring the said election twice inconclusive; independent indeed. At last we have a representation at the center which the ruling party desperately needed to kill off opposition to the government.

Imo North has become the goose that lays the golden egg. Congrats my brother, the Senator-elect. Please don't forget to use the constituency funds to bring internet and help facilitate human capital development instead of having few elites in your payroll, we're aware of all that is going on., haaaaa.....
My concern is that how can we have effective opposition if the ruling party is so desperate to control the legislature at all cost so that there will be no proper opposition to the government.

Such outcome would not do our democracy any good as there will be no challenge to the government.
 I've read a lot about reactions from both camps and the court of public opinion, the truth is that as we all know ,in the words of a great Public Policy Analyst; Anthony Hilton: "We are on a journey relying on a sat-nav which we know in advance to be inaccurate". The driver in the words of President Barack Obama is "some self-declared saviour promising that he alone can restore order"

Even election unpires ought to know better and play a fair role .This regime(haaaa....) may not offer us the democracy we need. We may be saying goodbye to mordern democracy.

Uche Okeke (My View).

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