Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Measuring the country's heartbeat

Since he was overthrown in a Military coup in 1983 by ex-Military President Ibrahim Babangida, Buhari has fought ceaselessly to gain political power in Nigeria.
Having lost in several democratic elections since Nigeria's return to democracy in 1999, 2015 election was his best chance as Nigerians indicated they have had enough of the ruling PDP and demanded for change which they now regret.
President Buhari has bust the old system, sows divisions and chaos in the country's political system, resulting to numerous calls for the reform of the current constitution.
The danger is that come 2019, he will be denied of popular votes from the South-East, South-South, North-Central, even the unpredictable South-West geo-political regions but he would want to hold on to power relying on the control of the country's security and election office machinery.
The country has entered into a period of profound and interminable crisis. The political, social and economic situation in the country now threatens its existence.
"The culture of our people in the south-west (yorubas), in the south-east (Igbos), in the south-south (Ijaws, Efiks, Ibibios, Edos) in the middle belt (Idomas, Tivs, Igalas, Nupes) in the North-East (Kanuri’s, Marghi, Bahur) and even in the North-West (Hausa, Fulani, Gbagyi) there is no more exaltation for the concept of dictatorship, authoritarian rule and personalized governance, we are more egalitarian in Nigeria"- Chief Guy Ike Ikokwu
Tony Nnadi of the Movement for New Nigeria argues that the the lifespan of the amalgamation treaty has elapsed and that ethnic nationalities are now free to declare autonomy for themselves.

"The amalgamation was done for economic reasons. The Northerners were at a loss. This was done so that the suprless of the South could cover the loss," said Prof. Sagay. He acknowledged that the country has failed. 
To restructure Nigeria therefore calls for a political will and boldness and it may be said President Buhari has nothing to lose by being bold which is a legacy he can leave for Nigerians."- Chief Guy Ike Ikokwu.
"In the end, what people really want are transparency, fairness and inclusiveness in governance. Plus a lot of give and take. The central control is stifling and a disincentive to communal growth and development. The time to negotiate is now."- Muyiwa Adetiba.
"I am desperate for a National conference... This may be the last chance to save Nigeria. We need to grab this opportunity. If we don't, we can kiss Nigeria goodbye," said Prof. Sagay.
"...,I'm saying this because i said earlier that if you don't see any leader that has done well in the 56-years of Nigeria's independence, then let us forget about Nigeria."- Ex- President Olusegun Obasanjo.

According to World News Report : "More than 130 people have been killed in Nigeria in devastating attacks by mainly Muslim Fulani herdsmen since June 2016. At least 65 churches were looted and destroyed in the attacks in Benue state".
 World Watch Monitor, reported that Fulani herdsmen have taken over some church buildings to use them as bases from which to carry out their raids on christian villages.
 Rev. Augustine Akpen Leva, Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria in Benue State told World Watch monitor: "This is another jihad like the one waged by Boko Haram in the North-East of the country. The attackers carry sophisticated weapons, sometimes they even used chemical weapons on our communities. They just come, often overnight when people are sleeping. They attack defenseless people and go away. they clearly have an agenda to wipe out Christian presence and take over the land."
He added: "Lots of people have been killed and it is difficult to get an accurate death toll of the attacks. Sometimes they kill 20, another day they may kill 50. In recent weeks, more than 100 were killed in Logo and Ukum local government areas."Churches have lost dozens of members, who have either died or fled. Congregations that until recently numbered 2000 or more are down to as few as 50."The pastors are also on the run. Their houses have also been destroyed and their members have been scattered all over, with many living in camps now," said Leva. More than 200 churches have been destroyed in Benue State alone. Schools have also been torched. .
"The Government has failed us. There's no protection at all. The few security forces, which are often present, ran away before the attack," said Leva.
 Yonas Dembele, of Open Doors International, said the Fulani are working towards the imposition of Islamic law in what amounts to ethnic cleansing of the Middle Belt. He warned that the aggression is driven by the same ambition that drives Boko Haram to the north: to bring the non-Islamic world under Islamic rule.
I'm currently gathering more information on the big issues as we cannot stand on the sidelines in our search for a new society where there is social justice,inclusion, equity, fairmness, and oppression and violence must be placed in the dustbin of history.

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