Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Nigeria's dysfunctional politics; eat or be eaten

A situation where there is no independent democratic institutions, no strong opposition to the government and control especially in the society means there is no effective government.

The President was accused of certificate forgery, the Senate leadership is accused of ammending Senate rules by fraud, the House of Representatives padded national budget, Independent National Electoral Commission conducting inconclusive re-run elections daily in total disregard to constitutional time frame provisions, and the Judiciary provides services for both the executive and the legislators, Selected court orders are obeyed. No opposition to the government,

The State Governors hijack the Local Government Areas depriving the local people control over the things they need to improve local service delivery, thus denying power to ordinary people.

 I don't want to talk about immunity from prosecution granted to some government ministers and party loyalists. There is this issue of herdsmen which the government said they are foreigners, etc...

I only wanted to analyse the immediate political ecosystem to see if their activities is truely giving our democracy a good footing.

 I'm trying to ascertain if we can proudly tell the world that we are practising democracy and good governance. Can we truely convince the world to come and invest in the country, Why must we allow ordinary people pay for leadership failures and  silly obession for power .

 I learnt there is further fall in global oil price due to over supply. With the current economic uncertainty, i think the time is ripe for reforms so that available resources can be directed to more productive activities including skills development and training and infrastructure instead of unnecessary cat and dog games of elite politics which sole motive is deepen wealth and inequality gap.

It's on record that "corruption thrived under both civilian and military-led governments implicating leaders of all ethnic and religious affiliations," so are we really fighting corruption?

No electricity and internet- a systematic elite manipulation and other interest groups to continuously keeping the general polpultion in the dark thereby killing creativity and innovation . Our version of globalisation is passage rights to foreigners to invade local communities instead of the spread of internet . I also learnt 'the government may not be able to pay salaries by october and the people will be forced to pay general taxes' , i begin to imagine how many ordinary people will pay this tax and from which income....when the government is only interested in pursing controversial policies that kill talent and capital, the main drivers of growth.

 "In America , democracy still appears well established and the men in power deal with what is amiss by constructive measures not by pogroms and wholesale imprisonment"- Bertrand Russell.

The country really need to adapt to change and stop this demonstration of craze.,.what the CITY described as 'eat or be eaten in the gaming sector', that is about to swallow once Africa's largest economy....

Uche Okeke.(My View)

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