Saturday, 23 July 2016

Nigeria's Kleptocracy has been stealing public funds forever, here is how to stop it

Corruption has remained the greatest development challenges in Nigeria. A lot has emerged since President Buhari decided to burst the old system despite accusations of discrimination in the fight against corruption.
According to Mattew Page, writing on Washington post; he said:  "Nigeria's corruption has been stealing public funds forever...billions of dollars each year flow illegally from public coffers into private hands".
He concluded that "corruption is a potent threat to Washington's efforts to support socioeconomic development, tackle security issues and improve governance in Nigeria."
 Thanks to the internet we can now share widely available information so that the court of public opinion will now see why the 'Mafians' running the country always insist 'We must go on with one Nigeria'
Uche Okeke

Click on this link to read Mattew Page's report:


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