Friday, 1 July 2016

People should be allowed to sell sex; says top MPs

People should be allowed to sell sex and work together in brothels without threat of prosecution.

According to The SUN newspaper a top committee of MPs have said that prostitution should be decriminalised in the UK.

They said people exploiting sex workers should be prosecuted but soliciting should no longer be a crime.
Prostitution is legal in England and Wales but soliciting in public, owning or managing a brothel and pimping are illegal.

The committee will now study more relaxed sex laws in countries including Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands to see how it can help address the issue of prostitution in the UK.

Researchers found more than 70,000 sex workers in the UK and a report show at least one in ten UK men has paid for sex.

 The MPs now suggested that criminal records of prostitutes should be erased to help them get other jobs.

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