Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Stand still and be left behind

It's a bit difficult to resist talking about politics as decisions by politicians affect our everyday lives.
We want the politicians to get it right. The world is changing and we have to evolve with it.
Unnecessary controversies that deepen division and creates political instability is no longer needed.
I don't know the kind of union we have when we cannot manage diversity almost 56-years since independence. There is constant distrust in all aspects of our public institutions.
"Nigerian citizens inhabiting regional states outside their ancestral territories experience political and economic disenfranchisement".-- Rotimi Suberu...
The executive cannot work harmoniously with the legislature to facilitate development. The political parties cannot have a concensus for the interest of the people. The people cannot have a tea party with their elected leaders....
Government spends more on defence and pilgrimage against education and healthcare services,and ever ready to send its tanks to destroy innocent civilians the country is supposed to provide for and protect etc. The same story since independence.
A Japanese firm has just sealed a deal to buy a UK tech company for £24billion, while we are seeking for a $30billion dollar to execute our budget. According to the UK Finance Minister, "This 24billion investment would be the largest ever from Asia into the UK. It would guarantee to double the number of jobs in the ARM in the UK over the next five years and turn this great British company into a global phenomenon. Just three weeks after the referendum decision to leave European Union"
According to Ashok Vaswani,"In the UK, digital technology now creates jobs almost three times faster than the rest of the economy..we must remember that increasingly future prosperity will depend on how well equipped we are to meet the pace of technological change"
Independent states would be better positioned to bring policies that will improve inward investment to spur local economic development. You don't need the federal government to build international airports in your state. Why would we go to Lagos or Kano airports to travel to Dubai or London and pay taxes at those airports when we can travel from our own state airports., depend on the federal government for bailout, etc., it's more of a master-servant relationship.

 "The huge depletion in the nation's revenue occasioned by falling oil price has made it imperative for Nigerians to think out of the box"- Ogun state, governor, Ibikunle Amosun ...."Because everybody was so complacent. People would just say no problems, allocation is coming from Abuja and nobody wanted to think out of the box. And when the money stopped because we didn't prepare for it, then there is now crisis and everybody is down. So those are our challenges".
There is this one they call security votes. This is another silly policy. When you do the right thing, invest in education, healthcare, infrastructure,spur business on to ensure everyone has the skills to succeed, there will be no need for security votes. Moreso this so called security vote is unaccountable funds to fund the supervision of the conquered territories.
 According to the Nation newspaper; The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has called for the abolition of security vote for the President and Governors.
NLC President Ayuba Wabba told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)  in Abuja that security vote had become an avenue for siphoning public funds.“The issue of security vote is another form of corruption; in fact, there was a particular state which took N1 billion in one month as security vote.“It is an avenue for corruption. In good governance, all monies spent by government are budgeted and transparently applied.“That is what happens in other spheres; so for our sake, the issue of security vote should be done away with.“All monies to be spent should be transparently budgeted for, including the so-called security vote, so that it can be tracked, to prevent corruption.”

The Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Mr. Godwin Emefiele, yesterday told the Senate that the nation's economy had entered into a deep crisis, as it remained recessive in the first and second quarters of the 2016 fiscal year.
"A federal structure, whose prime objective was to maintain security by curbing regional and ethnic influence, does not foster development."-ARI.
When we stand still and reject change, we will to our detriment be left behind. We need to reform the current constitution to make our democracy inclusive....

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