Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Time appears to have run out for Mugabe as key allies call for his departure

President Robert Mugabe, Photo: Facebook

92- year old President Mugabe is under pressure to quit power and save the country from further collapse.
 A recent general strike and street protests due to government's inability to pay salaries and provide essential services to its citizens, the worst since the country's economic crisis led  by a clergy man has attracted both local and international reactions, and key allies especially the war veterans saying he must be' uprooted right now'.

According to Ian Birrell: "the latest sign of warning control came last week with a statement by war veterans attacking him as dictatorial and egocentric".... They claim regret keeping quiet. "This rot needs needs to be uprooted, and right now," they said.  He continued that; with the war veterans turning against him, insiders said the increasingly frail president is feeling alarmed. "He has even told his aircraft engineers to make sure his plane is well serviced and ready to fly".

I visited Mugabe's facebook page and noticed several comments urging him to quit to let younger generations take over the leadership of the country.
"Africa will be very better than as it is now if the white are ruling Africa, though they may take some of our resources but i'm 100% sure they will make the citizens feel better and develop the nation better than this our greedy leaders like you and others. Look at yourself, you cann't even walk well and have ruled for many years but still don't want to give chance to others. Look at South Africa, most of the white were left in the country and now you can see the difference between South Africa and others who sacked the white, now most Africans are fighting to go to South Africa. What is the difference between your currency and the newspapers when it comes to the exchange rate to the dollar? Greedy Africa Presidents fire will burn you all"- Danso Augustine.

President  Mugabe has mentioned he will contest the next 2018 elections @94 and his supporters said he'll rule forever.
 Dispelling fears that he will leave the country, President Mugabe said: "Mind how you listen to the opposition because whoever presents his own head to break coconut would not be able to partake in the eating of it". Remember how they used the opposition in Libya to achieve their selfish aim? Libyans are still regretting... Zimbabweans don't allow them to use you to destroy you."

I learnt Britain is leading International efforts to build a new Zimbabwe by promoting a plan to refinance the 'debt-ridden' country which will ensure the country can borrow money again.

Zimbabwe, a former British colony has been on International isolation because of President Mugabe's authoritarian rule,gross human rights abuse and seizure of white farms. China has been bankrolling the regime, but now seem to be slowing its backing of the regime.

Much as i enjoy his Pan-Africanism and rhetorics, i think he's had enough of the power. Now is the time to give the new generation a chance.

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