Wednesday, 20 July 2016

We Are Nigerians : When we stand still and reject change, we will to our detriment be left behind.

"It's a scandal that Africa's wealth in natural resources is being seized by foreign, private interests, whose operations are leaving a devastating trail of social, enviromental and human right abuses in their wake."- War on Want.
" we cannot stand on the sidelines in our search for a new society where there is social justice,inclusion, equity, fairmness, and oppression and violence must be placed in the dustbin of history"-Uche Okeke

"A federal structure, whose prime objective was to maintain security by curbing regional and ethnic influence, does not foster development."-African Research Institute

" It's more than a year of promise of new politics, better policies, but what we are witnessing is the same crude and disreputable politics of the old."-

 "President Muhammadu Buhari's poll rating dropped to 39% during the course of June from 48% in May representing his lowest level of acceptance by the Nigerian public since he assumed office since last year. The survey also revealed a decline in the approval of the president across Nigeria's five geopolitical zones...apparently, the poll showed that Nigerians were dissatisfied in the areas of conflict resolution, job creation, agriculture and food security, with scores of 28% and 21% respectively"-Nigerian Watch

"We need to break open every level of political power to let people in different backgrounds, communities, and parts of the country-men and women who look sound for national leadership . We need our politicians to step up especially the new generation"- Ayesha Hazarika

Nigeria is struggling to adapt to the challenges of fast-changing socio-economic and political enviroments . There has been growing call for the reform of the current constitution to enable states and the regions take back control of their destinies. Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar is leading the call for devolution of powers to facilitate local economic development and prosperity. Devolution allows people more direct access to those who make decisions about their local governments and reduces the control and unhealthy competition at the centre.-

"To restructure Nigeria therefore calls for a political will and boldness and it may be said President Buhari has nothing to lose by being bold which is a legacy he can leave for Nigerians."- Chief Guy Ike Ikokwu.

"If President Buhari is serious about preserving Nigeria as one, what he has to do, in addition to his anti-corruption war, is to lead Nigeria to restructure its federation, restore to each people the control of their resources, empower each state to fight poverty and disorder competently, cut the Federal Government to a much smaller size, and stop the perpetual strategizing of one Nigerian nationality to hurt and dominate the others. Nobody who leaves these undone can succeed in keeping Nigeria one – even with the best of military capabilities."-Gbogun Gboro(Nation)

But Buhari said the slogan used in the 1960s “Go On With One Nigeria (GOWON),” is very apt now as keeping Nigeria one is a task that must be done.(Nation)

Meanwhile The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), has warned those calling for the restructuring of Nigeria to have a rethink, insisting that the nation should preserve the present federal structure of governance.- World News Report

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We cannot continue to gamble with the future prosperity and changes that drive the 21st century.

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