Monday, 15 August 2016

Greater Acess to talent is the new reality

"Because of uncertain times, people who are frightened for their futures are drawn to politicians with simple solutions"

Few weeks ago i mentioned that a sensible opposition is  essential in a democratic setting. I know our democracy is still fragile. I also talked about a re-run election in Imo North. Some of my friends were like Hmmm. However, i informed them that i'm not a member of any political party in Nigeria neither do i seek for favour from local politicians. I'm politically neutral, I now have a broader mind much as i have passion for politics. In the words of Matt Fordes: "instead of labelling each other and trying to suppress those we disagree with, let's listen and try to understand why individuals have different perspectives"

It's very sad our young people remain ignorant .They are manipulated by the same people holding them hostage, with pseudo job promises, instead of seeking for new skills to plug into the new economy.
 According to Tom Welsh, the new reality of 21st century employment is talent, similarly -David C. McCourt was quick to observe, there is power shift going on. Today technology and creative start-ups are becoming more powerful than states.

The oil well is now dry. The economy is in recession, the government is struggling to pay workers salaries, settle pensioners and provide basic services. The only available job now is the new boys scout job for Indiscipline.

There is this one they call civil defence. i wonder what their role is; another waste of scarce resources akin to security vote. Security takes chunk of the nation's budget , against investment in electricity, internet, education, healthcare,etc. Perhaps another command strategy for control instead of introducing leadership and citizen education in schools, and using the services of the national orientation agency, supporting local civil society organisations and partnership with host of faith organisations.

The politicians hijack the local government and promise you jobs in the city. This is what George Akerlof and Robert Shiller described as "Phishing for Phools: The Economics of Manipulation and Deception. I'm sure they had African politicians in mind when they wrote the book. I feel unhappy after participating on a course about our federalism and decentralization records. I'll talk about that on a new topic: (The Dilemma of a Nation)

Some of us who have passion for politics still find time to do creative work. I think young people should find time to look for new skills that will help them become part of the new economy. traditional jobs are disapearing, most of them will soon become obselete except the 'Boys Scout' jobs.

 Internet is everywhere, Smartphones are everywhere. Loads of free information, free online courses everywhere, there is a generational change going on, you can discover more on You tube, Instagram, etc and see what young people are earning. I  read a story on Evening Standard where an anonymous survey by a former University of California Berkeley student revealed that Snap chat interns earn $9,000 a month,plus a $1,500 housing stipend, Twitter pays $8,400 , Pin terest paid $9000 and Facebook $8000 to students who are still training.
The truth is that internet has come to stay.  Virtually everything that happens here will definitely happen in Africa . You will key in only if you're ready with the right skills not skills to become election thugs.

Political debate never ends. Ignore some of those agents who feed you false information to win crowd for their paymasters. Seek for information that the politicians wouldn't provide for you.

I had a look at a beautiful story on City A.M , one of my favourite newspapers here. : "Quinine' which is used for making tonic drinks is found in the most eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo- the most lawless place on the planet. just two miles to get to the plantation involved about four roadblocks...Everyone's armed...It's the most extraordinary place". -Tim Warrillow
This entrepreneur uses quinin from Congo to make his drinks sold in 58 markets and valued at over $1billion dollars.

This is the true story of Africa.  "This is the age of explosive growth where ideas, technology and burning ambition can turn a start-up in a garage into a global powerhouse"- Mishcon

   "Do not be concerned that you have no position, be concerned that you have what it takes to merit a position. Don't be concerned that no one recognises you, seek that which is worthy of recognition"- Michael Hayman

"Life does not get better by chance it gets better by change". Create a new future in a world of possibilites.

Uche Okeke

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