Monday, 28 November 2016

The Time for Atiku Presidency may be now

" I am looking forward to engaging conversations with this pivotal generation, also sharing insights from my many years in business, politics and national service.- Atiku Abubakar.

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I have talked about 'excessive militarism' in our politics in my last blog entry. No doubt politics is not for the military. Sadly this has become part of our national problems.

 Politics needs empathy with the public, a gift which Abubakar Atiku is naturally endowed with. Acording to Sarah Sands: "the ability to connect with the public is the greatest contemporary political gift...,it is surprising how few politicians have it...,it is not linked to class or background".
 Atiku connects with all and sundry and can visit any village in Nigeria without a single security. I remember the case of abduction of Nwabueze Ngige as a sitting governor of Anambara state during ex-President Obasanjo, it was the same Atiku that rescued him to enjoy the political liberty he has today. Again , a scene of excessive militarism in our politics.

 It will be recalled that the then governors and legislators saw him as a close confidant and beckoned on him to take over the party leadership as they felt insecured with OBJ's athouritarian style, but his empathy and enlightened democratic qualities was at play as he decided to sacrifice for political stability and growth of democracy.

I think we need to learn from history despite the reputational risk of corruption the opponents label him. It's obvious corruption has thrived throughout our history and is still there as i don't subscribe to this current policy of discriminative anti-corruption.
 Advanced societies have built strong institutions and mechanisms for fighting corruption not witch hunting, we can learn from them.

Ex-Vice President Atiku is a highly educated man , empathic, very experienced and is deeply interested in the ideals of democracy and good governance and has been a vocal voice in support of restructuring our present political system for effective development. He has been building bridges as we continue to search for solutions to national problems.

 They say "it's hard to be powerful without making enemies ', but successful politics needs empathy. I believe in speaking truth to power, so in my personal perspective the present political experimentation may not take us to the promised land of freedom which is the ultimate goal of democracy and development given the present challenges.

 Take a look at these events and more :
*Power and identities:( Ethnic minorities;Shia Muslims, Niger-delta, IPOB and amnesty report, military occupation of South-East,) Abduction of judges,clampdown on political opponents, selective anti-corruption, increasing election vilolence, total disregard of rule of law, ignored court orders, compromised election management,violent hate crimes, executive-legislature relationship,Human rights abuse, labour unions, herdesmen, state of the economy, etc.

 A look at these 'stunning events' make it imperative that we demand an empathic leader who understands 'what it means to pursue the 'ideals of freedom', inclusiveness, equality and prosperity not anarchy and chaos.
There are abundant evidence of examples of excellent executive-legislature relationship in opposition controlled legislature so it's not a do or die affair as recent re-run elections and state elections have demonstrated.

I love Sarah Sands view: "Empathy with the public is a key political gift"

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