Monday, 28 November 2016

Massive surge in Nigerian prostitution in Italy

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About 8000 Nigerian women who have arrived Italy this year have been forced into prostitution, activists say.
 According to 'The Times', one in every two street prostitutes in Italy today is Nigerian, including girls as young as 14, and prices for sex starting at 10Euro.
Police investigating the massive surge said a well organised and extremely violent Nigerian Mafia run from Africa called The Black Axe is responsible for the surge. The Black Axe fraternity was founded in University campuses in Nigeria and uses voodoo rites and matchete attacks to intimidate victims and savagely beats new mob initiates.
Reports say, the rise of the Black Axe and other Nigerian Mafias in Italy has coincided with an increase in the number of Nigerian women travelling illegally by boat to Italy and about 80% of them have been forced into prostitution.
 The young women were tricked into believing that they will work as hairdressers or shop assistants in Europe. They are compelled with voodoo rituals and to work as prostitutes in Italy until they pay off debts of about £30,000 to their traffickers. Those who escaped from the Mafias got their parents and relatives threatened back home using the Black Axe networks.
Reports say,Black Axe operations are currently in Germany, France, Holland and recently cited in Canada.

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