Monday, 28 November 2016

Oral Sex linked to increase in tongue cancer

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"It's worrying that oral cancer has become more common"- Jessica Kirby , UK Cancer Research.
The number of cases of mouth cancer has soared and higher in all ages for both men and women.
 According to' The Tmes' newspaper, Cancer research,UK reports that about a third of instances of oral cancer are linked to the human papilloma virus, which is a sexually transmitted infection.
 The actor Michael Douglas attributed his tongue cancer to giving oral sex and research has found that the virus increases the risk of mouth cancers.
 Russ Ladwa of the British Dental Association, said : "oral cancer is rising, yet half of adults do not see a dentist. Early detection is key and a check-up can mean the difference.
"Its high time ministers delivered a strategy and effective messages so the public really understand the risks", she concluded.

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