Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The US 'Political drama is only just begining' says Robert Moore

"In few days we'll find out whatever happens, the political drama is only just begining.
 A wearily Victorious Hillary Clinton would face paralysis by investigation. Republicans would launch endless probes and congressional inquiries.

Tens of millions of Trump supporters will never deviate from their view that she should be in prison, not the White House.

And if Donald Trump wins next week, America is going to face a political earthquake that will send tremors around the world. We will then have to entirely reassess our view of America, its values and its place in the world"

In the words of Mattew Barzun, the US Ambassador in London: "If you watch a soccer match and you didn't know the rules, you could figure it out after a while...., I think American football can be bewildering,chaotic. It's a bit like our political system. It is long, it is deeply contentious , and it works for us".

Source: Evening Standard.

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